'Smith, Our Friend' (1946) Silent documentary on post war housing crisis and squatting activism (Conserve and clean Walter Lassallys' original work print - unseen for 77 years!)

'Power on the Land' (1943) Documentary 30/08/2013 (Repair and clean an original IB Technicolor print)

'The Tyrant of the Veldt' (1915) Selig Polyscope Company / Tom Santschi - 108th Anniversary Year !

1937 Coronation in Colour Various 16mm, 9.5mm, Kodachrome and Dufaycolor

'The Stars Look Down' (1939) Listing 7 minutes of missing scenes using 16mm original 1939 UK release print

'The Four Just Men' (1939) Hybrid print utilising missing scenes using US print released as 'Secret Column' (1941)

'Q PLANES' (1939) Composite print using two US release versions of 'Clouds Over Europe'

'Things To Come' (1936) Hybrid print using UK release and missing scenes found in Walter Gutlohn 1941 US release

Richard Tauber (1930's) His personal movie clips of backstage and family. 16mm orphan film reel Kodachrome / BW reversal


HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU Pilot Show:'John Lloyd's Newsround (1990) Never broadcast pilot programme from partially - wiped tape


"YOU'RE NEVER ALONE WITH A STRAND" WD & HO Wills 1959 promotional 33 1/3 rpm laminate disk announcing forthcoming introduction of Strand cigarettes


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