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Putting the Squeeze on Dr Seuss

5000 Fingers of Dr T squashed

Confusion reigns with film formats -

Top prize awarded to Channel Five television which ONCE broadcast '5000 Fingers of Dr T' in adapted Cinemascope...

'5000 Fingers Of Dr T '

5000 Fingers of dr T still frame in Academy ratio

How it was made to be seen (1.37 : 1)

How Channel Five squashed it ...

5000 Fingers Wrong

and cropped it for broadcast. (Missing sides of the screen image, here illustrated greyed-out).


Channel 4

'Seven days To Noon' (1950 film shown with soft widescreen masking)

Update: Shown in correct 1.37:1 format by Film 4 in February 2013


Channel 4

'Paths of Glory' (shown in 1.37 : 1 Academy ratio) Update: Shown in correct soft widescreen format on 09/12/2009


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