Unnatural Breaks ? Cuts in Broadcast Films

A great William Alwyn music score cut at the very beginning -

BBC2 television broadcast 'Odd Man Out' with opening William Alwyn music score cut ...?

'Odd Man Out'

Shell and Johnny "Odd Man Out" 1947

How it was made to be heard and seen:



(Drag the seek button to the end of the asterisks and press start for cut version)

"Prelude" Music score begins on BBFC censor card....

Music continues on Rank Gong.....

Music score is synchronised to both first and second gong strikes....

Then the "Two Cities" main title appears....

BBC 2 broadcast it from the "Two Cities" main title ...



Awarded to BBC 2

'Odd Man Out' (shown without first part of main title score) September 2010 (again May 2012)

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