ZOOM PROJECTION LENS 1:1.6 35- 65mm. for Bell Howell

Bell & Howell Zoom LensBell & Howell Zoom Lens

CINE-ZOOM Projection LENS 1:1.6 35- 65mm. Bell Howell. Made in Switzerland

Infinately variable from 35mm to 65mm This is the same as prime lenses of 1.4" inches to 2.5" inches equivalent. The 'standard' lens for 16mm projection is 50mm, or 2" inches. This zoom lens is capable of producing a sharp bright image with no stray light or spherical aberations. There was a 32 to 65mm version of this lens. The large barrel fits all the later Bell & Howell models such as TQI, TQIII, 1695 etc.

Bell & Howell Zoom Lens

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