REPAIR SERVICE: Weston MASTER IV ; Weston MASTER V and Weston Euro-master

fully rebuilt, refinished, restored with new selenium photovoltaic cell fitted

available now, JULY 2024

An arrangement of old Weston cells.

Are you fondly attached to your old Weston light meter ?

Send it in for restoration and overhaul using the original parts.

189.00 ( + £10 Inland Special Delivery and Overseas Tracked airmail return postage) models - Weston Master IV, V, and Weston Euro - Master;  East Kilbride Instruments Euro-master.



To purchase a repair, first email me including your name, email address, country, and Weston model type of your meter to:







Clean and bright fully overhauled Weston Light Meter - the essential camera accessory for determining exposure of your photographs. Because of its simplicity and reliablity, the Weston Master Light Meter became a dependable practical aid to determining correct exposure with professional and amateur photographers. This classic light meter operates without batteries. It has a selenium light sensitive cell. When exposed to light, the cell generates a small electric current that deflects the needle of an ammeter coil within a stong magnetic field. The lightmeter is entirely dependent on the light sensitivity of the selenium cell for accuracy. Over the course of years, the selenium cell will age, tire, and degrade.

Old Selenium Light Meter Cell

(10x magnification shows surface of old selenium cell from a Weston 'V' meter).

Such old meters have lost their normal sensitivity requiring ever stronger sources of light to deflect the needle. The defective selenium photovoltaic cell must be replaced with a new one for true sensitivity and accuracy to be restored to the meter.

Dust particles within old light meter

(10 times magnification showing ameter coil with metalic dust drawn to the magnetic coil centre of a Weston 'V' meter).

New Selenium Light Cell

(10 x magnification shows surface of new selenium cell as fitted to this restored Weston 'Euromaster' meter)

The meter mechanism is guaranteed to be restored and cleaned and unclogged of ferrous dust and with a new selenium cell fitted. Tested in excellent working order.


" It’s even more beautiful than I thought it would be. Thank you very much. I may not shoot like Ansel Adams….but I will feel like an old pro with my new Weston - Pascal "


Good afternoon, Ian
My meter just arrived - looking better than when I bought all those years ago. It works perfectly and the reprint of the instruction book (I never had one, because I bought the meter second-hand) is an added bonus.
Thank you so very much and keep up the good work.
Kindest regards


Cereste France

Hello Ian,
The light meters arrived today. Thank you so much for repairing them. I really appreciate your efforts in keeping these wonderful old machines going.
Best wishes for the season.


Karrinyup Western Australia


Hi , Ian , meter received , I would like to thank you for the excellent
service and superb repair. You sent me a case and neck strap , I
already have these I had not sent them to you. I will post the extra
case and strap back to you as you can probably use them , again many
thanks, cheers ,


Devon England


Hi Ian,

Thanks for a perfect service. Received the Weston this morning and delighted to have this piece of my photographic past restored and ready to go. Although this is not my original Weston (as I said I gave that to my niece, who is living in the USA) it is the same model that saw me through my Architecture degree (my photographic comfort blanket :) and when I saw one for sale it was too hard to resist.

All the Best,


Fife Scotland

PS thanks for attaching the chord, much appreciated. However I already have a book of instructions, so if you wish me to post it back to you (no cost) please let me know, it will be no bother.


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