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available now, JULY 2024

Picture of Bolex Paillard G3 Instruction BookletsBolex Paillard Brochure for Type G Projectors

PAILLARD - BOLEX MODEL "G" PROJECTOR 9.5mm + 16mm + 8mm Silent Projector - 16 page WORKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL Covers Models 'G16' "G9" G8" "G916" "G3" PLUS 20 page BOOKLET all about 'G' Projectors (includes year 1938 price list). Bi and Trifilm. Card covers on art paper with photograph illustrations and diagrams. 15.00 UK/Worldwide (Airmail) Post Free

SIEMENS 2000 series 16mm Sound Projector ultra-rare English Language Workshop Manual available. £30.00 UK Post £4 , Europe £6, Worldwide (Airmail) Post £8.00

English Instructions for the double-band model. Also two glossy booklets in English detailing the Siemens 2000 series giving all the amplifier types. With useful information. £12.00 UK Post Free. Europe £4. Worldwide (Airmail) Post £6

Illustrated English Instruction Book for Siemens 2000 sound projector: £12.00

EIKI ELF RST / RT / RM series X 16mm Sound Projector Operators Instruction Manual available. £12.00 UK Post free Europe £3, Worldwide (Airmail) Post £3.00 Buy Now (Purchase with Paypal)

Small Picture of Specto 9.5mm Instruction Booklet


"SPECTO" OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for 9.5mm Model (Includes Dual-Standard 9.5mm/16mm Version)

Includes photograph illustrations and line diagrams. 28 page working instruction manual. Published by Specto Ltd; Vale Road, Windsor, June 1950. Card covers on art paper with photograph illustrations and diagrams. 12.00 UK/Worldwide (Airmail) Post Free

EUMIG Mark S 810 ; 810 D ; 81D LUX - Dual-gaugeSuper 8 /Standard 8 Sound Projectors. A4 Size, 30 pages Instruction Manual stapled with clear acetate cover. 5.00 UK/Worldwide (Airmail) Post Free

Various. Unless stated, A4 Size, stapled

16mm. Sound Projector :

Bell & Howell 1695 TQIII Sound Projector

A4 Size, 60 pages Manual stapled

Instruction manuals spread

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