Bolex Paillard Type 'G' Tri-Film Gauge Projector

Working Instruction Manuals For Model G

available now, JULY 2024

Picture of Bolex Paillard G3 Instruction BookletsBolex Paillard Brochure for Type G Projectors



PAILLARD - BOLEX MODEL "G" PROJECTORS 9.5mm + 16mm + 8mm Silent Projector - 16 page WORKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL Covers Models 'G16' "G9" G8" "G916" "G3" PLUS 20 page BOOKLET all about 'G' Projectors (includes year 1938 £ price list). Bi and Trifilm. Card cover on art paper with photograph illustrations and diagrams. £15.00 UK/Worldwide (Airmail Letter) Post Free.

Bolex Paillard Type G Tri-Film Guage Projector


Bolex Paillard 'G3' Trifilm 9.5mm, 8mm and 16mm Silent Projector of 1937. A top quality projector from the years just before the Second World War. It cost 59 pounds 18/- shillings and 6d pence - a small fortune in those days.

The 'G3' was of Swiss design and manufacture throughout and it was made for amateur and school use. It was said that, with its great light output, it could show a clear picture in halls seating up to 3,000. Lenses are French made SOM Cinor. To aid the projection of Standard 8mm a special offset design Taylor Hobson lens was utilised. The G3 is fitted with twin condensers mounted on a moveable plate which, when inserted either for 8mm or 9.5/16mm use, displaces the lamp into the required new position for each mode of projection. The "2-4 obt" mechanism is a refinement for adjusting for either two, or four-bladed shutter. The advantage is to increase light output and reduce flicker at silent film speeds.

The lamphouse incorporates a resistance knob adjustment and ammeter dial to adjust light output. Included were Paillard 400' ft. take-up reels and cans for all three film formats. The film path incorporated chromium plated rollers and extra rollers and spindles boxed when not in use. The projector mechanism and case had a durable machine soft grey enamel finish. Gates were made of stainless steel, while the film transport had a bright chromium finish. The take up arms were geared and enclosed with no drive belts to replace. Forward and reverse.

Bolex Paillard G3 Projector

Model G3 2 - 4 Obt. DC / AC; 0 - 60; 110 -125 Volts; 550 - 630 Watts. The G3 is wired to work with either alternating or direct current without any alteration, on voltages from 110 to 250 volts on an ordinary 5 amp circuit. For operating on 250 volts, the auxiliary resistance is inserted between the projector and the mains.

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