available now MARCH 2024

Inspection, cleaning, sorting, transfer and repair of worn 16mm and 35mm film prints. Also Magnetic soundtrack

transfer of full coat 16mm and 35mm and Optical soundtracks in real-time audio transfer to digital sound files.

Vinegar Syndrome. Tape shed, etc.

Appraisal and advice - valuation identification and research of Audio and Film assets, Archival collections, back catalogues etc.

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16mm film repair

Torn 16mm Frames.

Torn 16mm Positive Print with variable density soundtrack.

Perforation Damage of 16mm Feature Positive Print. James Mason 'The Secret of Stamboul' (1936)

Perforation damage to 16mm feature Positive Print with variable area soundtrack. The perforation holes have been stretched and pulled. Damage such as that shown above makes the film unprojectable.

Demonstration of repair of torn perforations of 16mm print.

Damaged perforations being restored using special repair tape. Guide rollers accommodate the film path and present the film to a rubber pinch roller with a small sprocket wheel below it. The sprocket wheel takes up the 16mm perforated adhesive tape from a feed roller.

Torn or weakened perforations are reinforced with perforated repair tape.

The repair tape can be seen emerging on the underside of the film. The damaged film section is turned over, and the other side fed once more through the tape sprocket to complete the repair.



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