Operating Sondor Sound transfer Equipment Available now, JUNE 2024

Sound Transfer Service for all fullcoat 16mm and 35mm sprocketted magnetic film - including 16mm Centre and Edge Track, 35mm stereo tracks. Utilising a closed loop system to best negotiate old, shrunk, including warped or oxide shedding audio tracks. Avoiding audible distortion or drop outs caused by deteriorated film base. Highest quality professional sound output to any required digital audio file. Sepmag Transfer 16mm 35mm Special archival closed-loop system for 16mm and 35mm with a specially designed film path that is indifferent to shrunken, warped, and vinegar syndrome sound reels and easily negotiates 'tape shed' reels.

If required special handling/treatment for warped shrunk or vinegar syndrome films and tape shedding audio rolls by quotation.

16mm and 35mm magnetic track transfer from full coat and edge striped magnetic film soundtracks.

Comag. / Comopt. / Sepmag. / 24 fps / 25 fps. ~ 16mm CENTRE TRACK ~ 16mm EDGE TRACK ~ TRANSFERED TO DIGITAL AUDIO FILES

35mm magnetic film multi-track audio transfer

35mm Optical Stereo transfer

1/4" reel-to-reel tape transfer including from Nagra Pilot Tone CCIR / NAB

Transfered digital audio files provided on disk, USB thumb drive, or web page download.

Transfering 16mm Sepmag Track 15mm sound Transfer16mm Sound transfer

1/4" Reel - to - Reel Audio Tape + Audio Cassette Tape + DAT Cassette + Philips Mini Cassette + Wire Recordings - transfered

1/4" reel to reel audio tape transfer to CD / hard drive / Upload / USB Thumb drive


Film Sound Transfer


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