Bell & Howell 642 16mm Sound Projector


This is a USA made Bell & Howell manual threading model with valve amplifier. The sound output is through a large built-in magnetic coil speaker. The case is ultra tough fibreglass. It has a Bell & Howell 2" inch (51 mm.) f/1.4 lens. it has optical sound from a 9 valve amplifier. Includes powerful internal speaker, or with external speaker output sockets for both 16 ohm. and 8ohm. The 642 has a powerful 1000 Watt quartz lamp; volume, microphone, bass and treble controls. It has a bright, very steady picture.

Bell & Howell 642 16mm Sound Projector

Here is the actual 642 projector running above. The film path has a 3 claw pull down which readily negotiates joins and splices in older prints. There is a loop-restorer facility. Stop-Frame and Animation button. Runs at both 24 f.p.s. Sound and Silent 18 f.p.s. speeds which are set by a lever. This is the British version of theUSA made machine for the UK market. Accomodates 50 ~ cycles 240/250 volts AC operation. The projector mechanism has a metalic mat grey finish. The case and cover is of indestructable lightweight glass fibre. The spool arms extend to accommodate reels of up to 2000' ft. capacity. Optical Sound is exceptionally sharp and clear. This model incorporates a large balanced flywheel behind the sound drum for best sound quality.



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