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published May 1979:

"Colchester Film Workshop

Improvised Film Editing in 1974 Film editing at home in the 1970's

Colchester Film-Making Workshop began as a development out of
resources got together by lan Partridge since 1973. The
facilities are based in the front room of his terraced house.
Users of the facilities are not put off by the cosy domestic
setting however. There is some advantage over editing films here,
at odd times, to suit users rather than conform to the regime of
some formal establishment. Through the aid of Eastern Arts
Association from l976 with additions to the facilities, has
enabled this cutting room to be made available to filmmakers.

The area covered by Colchester Film Workshop is
North-East Essex with extensions to workers from farther afield
whose needs are not served in their own area.

Given the fashion that Colchester F.M.W. has developed in so far,
there is no formal constitution. Terms of reference are free
access to equipment. In practice, this means individual
filmmakers or groups. Stock and all consumable materials are
provided by film-makers themselves, who undertake to be
responsible for any equipment they use or have in their charge.

Editing and other equipment is: Weston Master light meters; H 16
and Keystone non-reflex cameras; friction Pan and Tilt head;
theodolite legs and spider; Malham titles and Effects rostrum;
Darkroom, Unit Processing Tank and Photographic chemicals; Cut
Racks; Split-Spools; CIR splicer, Premier Cement Joiner (negative
overlap); 4-Way Gang Synchronizer (for A B master assembly);
Acmade Motorized Mark ll Editing bench type L (Sepmag, Commag,
Comopt); Picture Synchronizer PS4/16 with Amp. (on loan); bulk
de-magnetizer (for erasing sprocketted soundtrack to re-use; Non
Level Synch Editing Bench (2 sound heads - picture, 3-way
rewinds. The unpaid human, lan Partridge, is willing and
available to assist in the process of editing or whatever aspect
of filmmaking necessary at any time. He also does the maintenance
and repair of photographic equipment, cameras, editing benches,
electro-mechanical equipment of the Film Making Workshop, and would be prepared
to consider offering this aid to workshops elsewhere.

Activists of Colchester F.M.W. aid each other in the production
of films. As yet, there has been no production initiated purely
as a group project.

There are projection facilities on an regular basis, with no
space available for screening to any audience at the F.M.W.

There is no funding of Colchester F.M.W. Aid has taken the form
of provision of items of editing equipment. Users of the F.M.W.
may usually be in receipt of grant-aid for their films, however.
Source of aid to the Colchester Film-Making Workshop is the
Eastern Arts Association, based in Cambridge.

Colchester Film-Making Workshop can potentially develop, if given
the opportunity, into a vital creative group. Not only producing
and exhibiting locally made films, but running with Essex
University Film Society an Arts Cinema in the old Repertory
Theatre; premises for cutting rooms, with also a facility for the
processing and printing of independent films."

Ian Partridge,
written 21st March - 1979


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