FILM TRANSFER Video transfer view

Conforming film to video image for digital transfer

Hello Andrew,

Just to say I have despatched your cine transfer DVD disk and your 9.5mm and
SP8mm reels via Special Delivery today. Tracking Number: *******

Both cine films I transfered to broadcast standard digital master tape,
grading the transfer to adjust for any under-exposed (dense) scenes and any
over-exposed (too light) of the original colour reversal emulsion. From this
I have transfered to a DVD disk

The 9.5mm reel has reticulation, crazing of the emulsion after 40 years,
however the colour remains unfaded. The Super 8mm reel was OK, while the last
half was on colour film stock that has faded.

I have adjusted the contrast slightly to enhance the picture and filtered in
some of the missing yellow to the badly faded Super 8mm segment.

Let me know if you are satisfied with the disk - I will then send an
archival disk copy. Do look after your original cine reels - they will
outlast any modern format -

Best regards,


Dear Ian,

The parcel arrived today and we are absolutely delighted with what you have
achieved - far better than I had hoped for!

We are about to tow our caravan to Sicily for a couple of months but I will
get in touch again when we return.

Many thanks for all your effort.

Kind regards.





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