Pathescope Ace 9.5 Projector

Made In England in 1930's 400' ft. Spool capacity.

This is the Pathescope 'ACE' home movie projector. Has manual winding handle providing all speed settings including 16 fps and 24 fps in forward. The base is steel with a crinkle enamel finish and provides good picture stability. The projector mechanism and case has a crinkle black enamel finish. The chassis is steel. Picture is steady with the gate, film shoe, guide rollers, and sprockets clean. There was a rewinding handle, an accessory that fits on the top spindle). It takes a leather take up belt which does not 'snatch' like rubber ones. The Ace is a very simply built machine with an unusual threading path. Projects surprisingly well.

The quartz halogen lamp conversion shown utilises the original lamp fitting. The modern transformer provided is double insulated and has an integral on/off switch and an 3 amp fused plug lead. The lamp is 12 v 2 pin capsule providing a bright picture.

Pathescope Ace 9.5 Projector Pathescope Ace 9.5 Projector

Hello Ian,

I note that you have replaced the original lamp, (which no longer seems to be manufactured) with a 12v 2 pin capsule. I have considered doing the same, but I haven't found a suitable replacement for the lamp holder, and I would like to get the thing working before I offer it to a local museum. Would you tell me what you are using? Something off the shelf, or something you prepared yourself?

Thanks in anticipation.



Hello Andrew,

Many thanks for your enquiry about quartz lamp conversion of old 9.5mm

I believe I utilised the double-insulated lamp base 12 volt transformer and
lamp holder from a modern desk lamp. With the old tungsten bulb removed, I
used soft galvanised wire to shape a bracket support for the ceramic lamp
holder and adjusted by bending to place the quartz capsule lamp filament
exactly in line with the gate aperture. The filament position is then
tweaked with the lamp running to give the optimum projected light output and
even coverage of the screen.

Maplins sell two kinds of ceramic lamp bases for the miniature capsule
quartz lamps including for the dichroic reflector lamps like the 12 volt 100
watt ones for 8mm projectors. You will also need a heat resistant terminal
block for your new wiring. I used new silk covered flex to match the
aesthetic of the classic projector.

I can supply a suitable spare ceramic lamp base if you have difficulty
finding one.

Hope this is helpful.

Best regards,



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