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PATHESCOPE 9.5mm PROJECTOR 200B (circa 1933)

Pathescope 9.5 Silent ProjectorPathescope 9.5 Silent Projector

Pathescope model 200B silent projector. Motorised machine with a French made lens. Made In England circa 1933.

This is the PATHESCOPE '200B' 9.5mm Silent Projector of 1933. This machine has been described as the first 'proper' 9.5mm projector manufactured in the UK. Formerly, 9.5mm equipment was manufactured in France or in the British factory for distribution from the Pathe headquarters in France.The 200B was of British design and manufacture throughout and it was described as a "superb projector for amateur use." It has a variable speed motor, sprocket feed and a 200 watt lamp and an AC transformer for the lamp and motor. It is wire belt driven to both spool arms and can be reversed for rewind. The projector mechanism and case has a black crinkle enamel finish. The base and lamp house cover are of moulded Bakelite. Nickel plate sprung film guides. Has fast, very rapid indeed, rewind and reliable take up. Takes a rubber drive belt. The take-up belts are coiled steel.

Such machines may require completely rewiring and fitting a suitable quartz lamp, replacing the rheostat speed control, and a suitable modern power source for the motor.

Hello Ian,

I have been trying to find some information regarding the main drive
pulley for the 'PATHESCOPE 9.5mm PROJECTOR 200B'. The upper reel is
slipping and on removing the main drive pulley it seems to have sheared
into 2 separate wheels. Would you be able to confirm if the main drive
pulley is combined of 2 separate wheels, or should it be one unit. To me
it looks like they have sheared causing the inner wheel to slip.

Thank you in advance for any help you could provide,


Hello Chris,

It is a while since I had a Pathescope (I now use the Specto model with steel
belts) so I will ask about this for you.

However, from memory, I believe that the pulley wheel is in two halves
forming flanges with the belt sitting in the groove in between.

If the small nut that holds the flanges together on the pulley drive shaft
is lost (or loose) the the flanges will come apart.

Check that the thread on the pulley shaft spindle end is not stripped ?

I suggest you look for a suitable nut and the important 'star washer' to
place behind it. This star washer will stop the nut working loose as the
pulley wheel rotates.

I am not sure whether the nut you need will be metric or Whitworth imperial
as the machines were manufactured in France but assembled in England. A
bicycle repair shop may be the best source of a suitable size nut.

Best regards,



Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

I managed to repair the pulley wheel by cleaning the shaft spindle and adding a second thin washer to the inner side of the spindle shaft. The outer pulley wheel had carved a small grove into the inner wheel causing a small amount of slack in the fitting. The second thin washer has resolved the issue and the upper reel is now rotating as expected.

Thanks, Chris


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