STRIKE EMERGENCY NEWSPAPERS MAY 1926 small picyure of 1926 Strike emergency Newsheets available now, JUNE 2024

52 Page A4 booklet contains photograph illustrations and A4 size facsimile pages of several Strike Emergency Newspapers printed during the British NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE OF MAY 1926

picture of six 1926 General Strike papers

A4 size 52 page booklet

1926 General Strike Booklet




- 52 - page booklet with colour photograph illustrations and A4 size facsimile pages of several 'Strike Emergency' editions, including unique papers wanting from the British Library newspaper collection. Unique research and background reader material

19.99 UK/Worldwide (Airmail) Post Free available now MARCH 2024

Emergency Newspapers

'Daily Mirror' of Friday May 7th, 1926. A single sheet issue with photographs. "FIRST PICTURES OF THE GREAT STRIKE IN LONDON" "Printed for and published by the Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd, 23-29 Bouverie Street, London, E.C."

‘Evening News’ of Friday May 7th, 1926. A duplicated typescript issue. Double sided foolscap size sheet on ‘Roneo Bond’ watermarked paper in pica typeface on both sides. The ‘Evening News’ header has been blocked-in on the mimeograph stencil while the text has been cut with a typewriter. The paper bears a watermark ‘Roneo Bond’. It is clearly not a facsimile and has been reproduced on a duplicator via cut stencil and ink drum machine seen from the crinkle print-through, and where the ink distribution is less down the middle. It has: ” Printed for and Published by the Associted Newspapers, Ltd., Carmelite House, E.C.4. “
”SCOTS GUARDS AT DEPTFORD: - Socialist-controlled Deptford Borough Council refused to assist Government. A battalion of Scots Guards is stationed behind locked gates at Deptford Cattle Market. Six destroyers arrived in local dock as precaution. At London Docks volunteers are loading and unloading under protection; priority to perishable goods.”

‘Daily Graphic’ Monday May 10th, 1926. Number 11,345 * * * A single-fold making a four page tabloid two of text and two of halftone photographs.. Printed on newsprint. Captions to the illustrations are typescript pasted integral to the pictures. The photographs can in this way be seen as actual events of that week mechanically reproduced at the time. Captions set in type below the photos on these pages were easy to achieve but would have undermined the topical immediacy of the images. It demonstrated that old blocks of photographs from previous issues were not being passed off as current events;


‘British Worker’ Friday May 14th, 1926. Number 9. “Published by the General Council of the Trades Union Congress and printed by the Victoria House Printing Co., Ltd, Tudor street, Whitefriars, E.C.4.”
“’British Gazette’ - the Chancellor of the Exchequer is to be asked by Commander Kenworthy on Tuesday whether he can yet state the cost of publishing the Government newspaper, known as the British Gazette, what amounts have been received from sales and advertisements, and what compensation is to be paid to the Morning Post newspaper”.

‘Daily Mail’ Friday May 14th, 1926. Printed for and published by ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS, Ltd., Carmelite House, E.C.4.” ‘Defeat of Moscow.’

Daily Graphic’ Monday May 17th, 1926. Number 11,351. “Normal size tomorrow - will appear in full size with all the usual literary features, and many pages of pictures. Order your copy at once.”
With a pasted-in caption ‘ BACK TO WORK AGAIN’ above a photograph of a smiling tram driver testing his gear before leaving the Camberwell Depot, and queues of men signing on for work.
“COMMUNISTS CHARGED” Robert Stewart, acting general secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain, was remanded on bail at Bow Street on Saturday, charged with having in his possession documents likely to cause sedition or disaffection.”


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