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'PASTOR HALL' (1940) Friday 8th May, 2015

Pastor Hall Wilfrid Lawson, Nova Pilbeam, Marius Goring Wilfrid Lawson and Nova Pilbeam confronted by Marius Goring.

Choosing this Friday's film was a challenge. Seventy years after the defeat of Nazi Germany the most appropriate would be Eisenstein's 'Alexandr Nevski' defeating the Huns. But my choice was for a film most apt for the day after the British General Election.

This film by the Boulting twins, directed by Roy and produced by John, shows how intolerance and persecution take hold over a society that allows itself to slide into a Fascist nightmare.

Printed on Kodak manufactured print stock dated with edge code for 1942, it is an original 16mm print with sharp detail and excellent contrast.

'Pastor Hall' (1939) Seymore Hicks, Nova Pilbeam. Wilfrid Lawson Seymour Hicks and Nova Pilbeam visit Wilfrid Lawson inside Dachau.


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