Eumig 6934 Super 8mm Sound Projector

EUMIG model S 934 Super 8mm. magnetic sound projector. A quality machine built in Austria. Amplifier output is 6 Watts rms - 10 Watts music. Takes 12 v. 100 w. EFP Quartz Lamp.

This is the Austrian made Eumig model S 934 with autothread facility, Eumig Zoom 1:1.4 f=1.4 17 - 30 mm. Vario-Eupronet multicoated lens focusing at all ranges. The S 934 has two speed settings 18 fps and 24 fps in forward, reverse, microphone input, sound recording facilty, volume and tone controls. Running speed is continuously adjustable between 18 and 24 frames per second. There is an inching knob facility. Takes reels up to 800' ft (240 m.) capacity. Wow and flutter is under 0.5% . Utilises a film trimmer to facilitate threading. Accomodates 50 ~ or 60 ~ cycles 100/110/117/200/240 volts AC operation. The lamp is the easily obtainable 12 v 100 w (EFP)quartz dichroic reflector and provides a brilliant picture.

Eumig 6934 Super 8mm Sound Projector

The projector mechanism and case has a mat black finish. The chassis is cast alloy and outer case cover toughened plastic. A large internal flywheel ensures wow and flutter free sound reproduction. An extremely heavy machine for size. The spool arms extend to accommodate reels of up to 800' ft. capacity. Has a fast and rewind and reliable take up. There is a recording facility for soundtracks that has an "automix" facility. Soundtrack can be faded and mixed easily. The original microphone is shown in the picture. Takes a rubber drive belt. The S 934 is a very nicely built machine made in the latter years of Super-8 projector manufacture.

Eumig 6934 Super 8mm Sound Projector Eumig 6934 Super 8mm Sound Projector

The lens is fixed in position and access for essential gate cleaning is restricted. However the lens barrel is removable and the gate can then be accessed for cleaning with a brush. The sound head pressure plate can also be removed for cleaning with one half turn of the small red hexagon nut (visible to the left of large control knob) using the small red plastic box spanner shown in the foreground of the main picture.


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