Used 16mm Feature Films FOR SALE LIST ~

16mm films for sale ~ 16mm FEATURE FILMS LIST JULY 2017

'Sink the Bismark' (1960)

Sink the Bismark (1960)

Dana Winter ~ Kenneth More ~ Karel Stepanek

Cinemascope print on three 1,600 reels

Starts on main title, no opening newsreel, some orange specks at start of reel one . Excellent quality image and sound.


"High Command" (1937)

"High Command" (1937) 'High Command' Lionel Atwil, Steve Gelray, James Mason (1937)

Lionel Atwill ~ Steve Gelray ~ James Mason

2 x 1,600'ft. Excellent Original



Divorce of Lady X Laurence Olivier Merle Oberon (1938)

Laurence Olivier ~ Merle Oberon

On two 1,600'ft reels Excellent new condition print.

Colour fade. Retains some good colour


"JANE EYRE" (1943)

Joan Fontaine & Orson Welles 'Jane Eyre' (1943)

Joan Fontaine ~ Orson Welles ~ Henry Daniel ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Music by Bernard Herrmann

3 x 1,600' ft. reels Original print complete to 'The End' title which is cut short. This is typical of film prints that were shown on US television where commercials were spliced at the end without allowng the film to fade out.




Nurse Edithe Cavell (1939) Anna Neagle

Anna Neagle - Edna May Oliver - Zsa Zu Pitts - George Sanders

Excellent original print. Herbert Wilcox's first USA feature. Deeply moving dramatisation of the heroism of the English nurse Edith Cavell and her Belgian supporters, who smuggled about 200 Allied soldiers and airmen out of German-occupied Belgium until she was caught, tried and on 12 October 1915 shot at dawn. Notable for the immense restraint and dignity shown by Anna Neagle in the title role, caring equally for wounded German troops and completely unafraid of blustering German officers. A devout Anglican, above her duty to her country she placed the overriding duty of saving life.

108 minutes 



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